Here’s my current pricing for services. 

If you’re needing more than what the listed services are, please don’t hesitate to fill out my form at the bottom, and let me know what you’re seeking. 

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  • Pre-made cover art:
    • $79
      • (As seen in the portfolio folders)

For the most up-to-date listings of pre-made cover art, please check out my Facebook Group

  • Custom cover art packages:
      • Simple Custom Cover Package
        • $115+
          • This base price covers design and up to 4 major revisions. This price also includes a $25 non-refundable down payment.
          • This base price is a starting point. Depending on the complexity and time required for your cover, the price will vary.
    • Deluxe Custom Cover Art Package
        • $169+
            • This base price includes 2 full cover art designs, and you may select one for your book cover. 
            • This price also includes a $50 non-refundable down payment. 

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    • Digital Advertising Branding  (Author provides the cover art)
        • 1 Teaser  $15*
        • 2 Teasers $27*
        • 3 Teasers $35*
    • Social Media banner
      • $25*
    • 3D Mockup (your cover art as a 3D book on a transparent background)
      • $10+
    • High resolution printable media for Branding (including postcards, bookmarks, printable banner design, etc) 
      • $50 and up
        • Please inquire for a more accurate price depending on your needs.

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I offer two kinds of Branding Packages:

 Book Branding Packages that feature your book’s cover art in a variety of ways for promotional purposes

Author Branding Packages which include author logo design and social media banners

Book Branding Packages are an add-on service that can be purchased with cover art, allowing you to get additional branding items for your custom or pre-made book cover.

  • Three Item Branding Package $35
    • Facebook/Twitter Banner
    • 3D Rendering of your book cover
    • Cover Art Reveal Graphic
  • Four Item Branding Package $45
    • Facebook/Twitter Banner
    • Additional Ad for your book
    • 3D Mockup
    • Transparent Title PNG
  • Additional items available that can be swapped out:
  • Author Name Transparent PNG
  • Audio Book Cover
  • Teaser or Promo Memes
  • If there’s something else that you’re looking for, feel free to ask.

Author Branding Packages are for bringing together your online brand, creating logos and an overall look to be placed on social media, business cards, banners, and anything you’d put your author name on. 

  • Author Branding Package $145
    • Author Logo
    • Branding Board
    • Facebook and Twitter Banners
    • Generic banner for newsletter
    • Icon for social media with initials
      • If you are looking for something else, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Additional Services Other services that are available.

  • Logo Design (only) 
    • $60*
        • This includes a black and white version and a color version.
        • This applies to Book Series logos or Author Logos only.
          • A full branding package for an author platform is above.
  • Adding a Spine and Back to an Ebook
    • $30*
  • Touching up a Headshot
    • $30*

Please note, additional hourly charges may apply to any purchase,

but you will be notified before any work is done of the additional costs. 

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